About Us

Colin Smith Architecture Inc. is a team of focused professionals committed to creating simple, artful and memorable places. Since its founding in 2002, Colin Smith Architecture has devoted a significant portion of its time and talent to developing a diverse portfolio of work. Our ability to work within traditional or modern forms of architecture & interiors has strengthened our sensibilities as designers. We are avid problem solvers and enjoy a collaborative team approach on all the projects we are entrusted with.

We are passionate about employing our craft to create functional spaces while seamlessly integrating landscape and interiors to enrich the human experience. Searching for solutions that hold value to our clients and are meaningful to their environments and the needs they reflect is critical to our mission as designers.



Colin P. Smith, AIA, Principal

Tricia Weisberg, Finance Manager

Raneen Alaani, Architectural Designer

Marc Spera, Architectural Designer

Farida Aboulezz, Architectural Designer

Kelly Seifert, Project Manager/Designer

Levon Manuelyan Senior Project Designer

Chris Brooks, Senior Associate